Infusion Pro Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do Infusion Pro water bottles come with neoprene insulating sleeve:

A: Yes, all Infusions Pro water bottles come with color matching neoprene insulating color sleeve. Two packs also come with 2 neoprene insulating sleeves matching each color of the bottle.

Q: Do fruit seeds often float around in the water? Or is that just something you have do deal with?

A: If the seeds are smaller than the holes in the infuser, then yes, they will be floating in the water. That would be the same for any infuser.

Q: Can you use this for loose leaf tea also?

A: Yes, you should not have a problem as the infuser holes are quite small and will not let out the tea leaves unless of course the leaves are smaller than the infuser holes.

Q:  Can you use the arrowhead sparkling water with this bottle?

A: Although it seems to be a great idea, we would recommend against this because the pressure caused from the carbonation over time that could potentially damage the silicone seals. We have tested it a few times and there was never any problems however we could just see over time of doing this that it may present some issues.

Q: Is this made in the USA?

A: Designed in America, Assembled in China.

Q: I'd like to get 2 pack option and wondering if both bottles come with neoprene sleeve?

A: Yes, all of our 2 Pack options come with matching neoprene sleeves.

Q: If I experience leaking from the bottom, what is the issue:

A: IMPORTANT: There are two silicone o-rings placed in each screw on lid. You will be able to see it if you look in the lid, and they are tucked into place there. However, if these fall out when you are washing, or any other way and you don’t put them back in, the bottle will leak. Therefore, make sure o rings are in place. In the case that bottle is still leaking please contact Infusions Pro right away, at help@infusionspro.com

Q: Is there a kind of a strainer on top cap as the amazon picture shows?

A: Yes, every Infusion Pro water bottle includes a color matching removable inner strainer/filter located at the top of the bottle. It’s great when you want to put ice in your bottle and keeps it from clogging the spout or even any fruit sediment that may make its way out of the plastic infuser cage.

Q: Can I use it for protein powder?

A: Yes, the inner screw on fruit infuser cage can be removed and then the bottle can be used like any other. You could even put a wire whisk ball in to help shake the protein up but the Infusion Pro can be used as more than just a fruit infuser water bottle when wanted.

Q: Can I use this for matcha green tea?

A: We have not used it for this purpose but depending on how you are using the tea as an actual tea or a smoothie, one thing you should know is there is no straw and the drinking spout is small. It has a removable filter that keeps things from pouring out into the drink that will allow you to use it with a frothy tea when removed. I like this feature because I use it to keep lemon seeds in when I make fresh lemonade and not worry about it pouring out and choking me. With the filter in I would say no because it is the leaves you want to drink and it would all block at the filter eventually but if removed it should work for you.

Q: Where Can I find my Free water infused recipe eBook?

A: Upon receiving your Infusion Pro water bottle there is an insert card located inside the bottle in the fruit infuser cage that screws off. On the insert at the bottom there will be instructions on how to register your lifetime warranty as well how to download your free ebook. The insert will instruct you to visit the Infusions Pro website: http://infusionspro.com/register/ If you have any issues please reach out to our support right away at: help@infusionspro.com

Q: Can i use this for green tea?

A: Hi there, thank you for your question. Our plastic infuser cage has quite small horizontal holes primarily designed to hold small cut up pieces of fruit however we have used many different herb leaves that have worked great without getting through. This does not go though without saying that very fine teas may get through the holes, so it does depend.

Q: Hello, I was wondering about the plastic leaching toxins. I was told that glass is the way to go. Is there an issues with the plastic?

A: The Infusion Pro water bottle and all of their product are bisphenol A free (BPA FREE) and made of TRITAN Food Grade plastic. It is not made from polystyrene or PVC, so it is safe from any known toxins. I choose to wash my bottle and any parts by hand, thus alleviating most risks of unknown toxins leaching into my beverages.

Q: What will be the packet weight for shipping?

A: The shipping weight for the Two pack is 1.8 lbs and the single pack is 1.1 lbs.

Q: Is there a rubber contraption on the 'sipper'? In other words, will I have to 'suck' to get the water out or will it simply pour into my mouth?

A: It pours out. No rubber contraption. It is a plastic oval shaped spout. It has a tight fitting cover that clicks so you know it's closed.

Q: Is it dishwasher safe?

A: Yes, all Infusion Pro water bottles are dish washer safe, however only top rack, not on the bottom because of the heat dry. Also when you are washing in the dishwasher make sure to check that your silicone o rings do not come dislodged from the screw on caps as this will cause your bottle to leak when used.

Q: Can I buy a replacement lid?

A: Yes, you can. They are sold separately under the accessories and are available in every color and style. Colors can be mixed and matched as long as the lid style is the same as the original that it came with or it will not fit.

Q: Does it fit in a car cup holder?

A: Yes fits with most car cup holders.

Q: How tall is this container? What size of straw would fit this bottle if I were to put it in the drinking nozzle?

A: The container is 10 5/8 overall height from inside bottom to top of spout. Any stars from a Starbucks reusable or Tervis tumbler would work. However, I feel drinking from a straw reduces the infusion effect of the Infusion Pro

Q: Can it be used for smoothies? 

A: Yes it can certainly be used to pour your smoothie and drink it from your bottle on the go as the infuser cage at the bottom is removable. This bottle is great for smoothies because (1) the opening through which you drink is large and would allow for a thick smoothie to pour through, and (2) the sleeve would help to keep your drink cool and keep the bottle from sweating. You could leave the top filter in the bottle if you wanted to filter out the bits of fruit/veg as you drink your smoothie. You would want to remove the infuser cage because it would serve no purpose. However please don't get this confused with being able to make smoothie like from your blender. the Infusion Pro produces flavored water from whatever fruit you put inside producing again more water as a smoothie's content is much thicker.

Q: Does this hold 24oz of water excluding or including the infuser cage?

A: The bottle can hold 24 oz when filled to the rim with the infuser cage screwed it. The infuser cage uses up around 1 oz of volume.

Q: What is the purpose of the strainer thingy on the inside? Does it do something special? I've just been using a regular glass bottle.

A: The cage is there to place small cut up fruits so when you drink it doesn’t clog up at the top and also once you finish with the water you can unscrew the bottom and eat the fruit out of the cage. Also makes the bottle easy to clean

Q: How many time can we refill before changing the fruits?

A: Thank you for reaching out to us, we would be happy to answer your question. We generally recommend for fruits like berries, that are softer to not use them more than a day because they tend to fall apart faster as they are infused, causing less flavor and more sediment in your water. If you are looking for fruits that last longer, we recommend citrus fruits like oranges, lemons, lime and even cucumber, pineapple and other more "hardy" fruits as we like to refer to them. They can easily be kept for a full 24 hours and still give off great flavors for prolonged time. As a recommendation however do not try and stuff to much of the citrus fruits into the infuser because it will taste almost bitter because of the acidity. We definitely recommend using and trying some of the recipes that we provide in the FREE eBook that is complimentary to every Infusion Pro bottle.

Q: How are you supposed to drink out of this bottle when the cap gets in the way?

A: When you initially open the plastic cap, it wants to go back only about half way open from where it actually should go before feeling some slight resistance from the cap going all the way back to where it should go. The cap has a silicone piece on top of it, and the silicone will actually be touching the bottle's top when pushed all the way back and open. If the silicone is not touching the back of the plastic bottle top it means you have not pushed the cap back far enough. Don't worry if you feel like it doesn't want to go more than halfway because of the slight resistance, its meant to be pushed all the way back so you can conveniently drink from it. 

Q: Is this double walled/sweat proof?

A: No. It has the inner chamber that holds the fruit (or whatever you would put in it) and then the outer chamber that holds the water. It is not like an insulated style cup. However, with the neoprene insulated sleeve you can count on it being sweet proof and that it will keep your infused water cold for several hours.

Q: Suddenly, the ring that seals the top of the botte keeps "popping out". this is causing the bottle to leak. I can't seem to get it to stay in place. 

A: Just stretch it over the teeth groove and press it in the best you can or even use a butter knife or something that is dull and will not damage the silicone o ring to help assist you. If you cannot fix the problem, please email Infusions Pro at help@infusionspro.com

Q: Why is this different from tossing some cut fruit pieces into a cup of water? 

A: The fruit is contained so pieces and seeds don't float around. Stuff doesn't get in the way when taking a sip or using a straw. Also, it's a bottle, so it's easy to use on the go.

Q: Does it keep the water cold? 

A: The neoprene sleeve helps keep it cold for several hours.