About Us

Hawaii Born. California Designed.

The Infusions Pro Story

Infusions Pro is proud to be a family-owned business based in beautiful Hawaii. We are passionate about healthy living and we want to help others live healthy lives, too. Inspired by an active lifestyle on the go, the Infusions Pro water bottle has a simple goal in mind: to make hydration and health more fun, exciting, and attainable than ever before.

 We want to challenge the notion that healthy living cannot be fun, enjoyable, and easy! We believe staying hydrated and energized can help people enjoy their every-day lives and activities and perform at their very best. Our products are created with you in mind! We want to encourage and excite you to improve your health one Infusions Pro Water Bottle at a time!

 The benefits of fruit infused water are infinite! Most importantly, it is an essential nutrient for our bodies to survive. Each day we must drink a certain amount of water depending on many individual characteristics. However, it is recommended on average to drink about 3 liters per day. Most people find this impossible and are unable to reach this goal on a daily basis. That’s where we come in. Our bodies are made up of approximately 60% water and it needs to be constantly replenished, especially if you’re always on the go like most of us are in today’s world. Keeping your body well-hydrated will help ward off signs of aging, dry skin, headaches, fatigue, poor digestion, and lots of other problems that are caused by dehydration!

 Although everyone knows the health benefits of water, many people find that drinking plain water can be bland and boring. At Infusions Pro, we feel the same—and that’s how we got our start!

 Knowing the health benefits of water, and wanting to stay away from sugary drinks, we turned to fruit-infused water instead. We quickly realized the benefits: with fruit-infused water, you get the hydrating qualities of water along with the delicious flavor and the vitamins and antioxidants that fruit provides. Putting fruit into our water helped us drink more, helped us stay away from the sugar-filled, preservative-laden options that came in wasteful plastic bottles, and we loved trying different flavors and coming up with new combinations.  It seemed like a win-win situation! However, even though we loved the benefits of fruit infused water, we weren’t overly impressed with the options that were on the market at the time.


Infusions Pro fruit infusing water bottles look better, last longer, and make drinking water fun and enjoyable.

We were not the first to come up with the concept of fruit infused water, nor were we the first company to bring fruit infused water to a portable water bottle form.

 However, we did bring our customers a better, more innovative new design.

Before Infusions Pro fruit water bottle infusers hit the market, there was a critical problem with infusing water bottles: they all had their fruit infuser cages located at the top of the bottle. When you drink from this style of bottle, once the water gets below the level of the fruit infuser cage, the fruit is no longer immersed in the water—meaning that it’s no longer infusing its flavor. Water from this type of bottle can end up bland and unexciting if you start drinking it right away, and who wants to take the time to let their fruit infuse before they start drinking?!

 We quickly realized that if others were as excited about this fruit infused water as we were, we needed to create a new and better design. We wanted to create a design that allowed people to get the best tasting fruit infused water, all the way down to the last drop. The solution was very simple, and we got right to work designing the very first Infusions Pro water bottle!

 Our unique design has its fruit-infusing cage located at the bottom of the bottle. With our bottles, you can maximize every last drop of your fruit infused water!

 Furthermore, we make sure to offer the very best in customer care. That’s why each and every one of our products comes with a LIFETIME GUARANTEE. Our materials are high quality, and our design is meant to be durable and long lasting. If your bottle stops performing as it should, we will replace it—no questions asked.

 At Infusions Pro, we’re truly passionate about helping people live a healthier lifestyle. We’re always innovating and thinking of ways to make fruit infusion even more fun and convenient, so check back frequently for exciting new products!


Infusions Pro fruit infusing water bottles help you break up with boring water.

Health and fitness unfortunately get a bad rap. From the kitchen to the gym, healthy lifestyles can have a tendency to be bland and boring. However, that doesn’t have to be the case! Infusions Pro water bottles with fruit infusers are just one of many ways to spice up healthy lifestyles. We make it easy and painless to make the transition away from unhealthy, sugar-packed energy drinks, sports drinks, and soft drinks, without having to sacrifice flavor.

 No matter the lifestyle, your Infusions Pro water bottle can stay by your side. At Infusions Pro, our mission is to encourage people to stay hydrated so that they can feel great and perform better. Everyone needs to stay hydrated to stay healthy, no matter the lifestyle. Whether you’re sitting in a cubicle surrounded by dry office air, working out in the gym every day, traveling, going to school… you need to take care of your body and stay well hydrated. Infusions Pro water bottles are a great and flavorful way to do that!


You can exercise your creativity with flavored water.

We believe in having fun with flavors and adding creativity to our everyday lives. We want to inspire the same type of creativity in our customers, too. With our products, you can create something new every day. There are so many flavors and flavor combinations possible. Experiment and discover flavors that you enjoy! You can add flavor to your water with your favorite fruits, vegetables, and herbs, or you can discover brand new combinations! Our customers have added all kinds of flavors to their water, including (but not limited to!) lemon, strawberries, apples, cinnamon, limes, peaches, blackberries, blueberries, cherries, melons, kiwi, pineapple, mango, oranges, cucumber, mint, rosemary, ginger, basil, vanilla, and more! Use fresh or frozen fruit for extra convenience. You can even throw in a tea bag for added flavor. If you need help getting started, we also have recipe e-book that are included with each purchase, along with the recipes on our website. We encourage all our customers to try lots of combinations until you find your favorite!


We care about the environment.

Since we are based in gorgeous Hawaii, we get to enjoy the beauty of nature every day. We want to keep it that way, so we use environmentally friendly practices in our production and materials. Plus, when you use your Infusions Pro bottle each day, you’re saving lots of plastic from going into landfills.


We help you give the gift of healthy living.

Infusions Pro fruit infusion water bottles are a great gift for your partner, family, coworkers, gym colleagues, and anyone who would appreciate a fun, practical, and health-conscious gift. Kids and adults alike enjoy Infusions Pro bottles. The 2-packs are excellent couples gifts. Our sleek and attractive water bottles are available in several fun colors to suit anyone’s style, so they’re great presents for any occasion.